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Crayola crayons, brass, enamel paint, steel.


This is a limited edition of ten and is available in off white or signal red as part of #artistsupportpledge Please see this item in my shop for more information about the pledge.

'Hello' is a lighthearted brooch which makes a comment on social distancing. The message states ‘if you can read this you are too close’.

We have all struggled to keep our distance from friends and family and if like me you have trouble asking others to keep distanced then this brooch should do it for you. But this brooch holds a surprise. You can choose to break or melt away the crayola wax surface to reveal the word ‘hello’ hiding inside.

Hello is a word that is full of power and meaning. A beginning and an invitation. Let’s hope that very soon we will be able to say hello to each other, rather than stay back.

A bit more about it...

It's been a strange time for all of us.

I wanted to make a small comment on this time we have all spent distanced due to Covid, using the simple materials that surround me.
Since I had a three year old I was endlessly surrounded by crayons, half used, much loved and much derided. This is a material I am currently exploring for its humble origins and connections to childhood innocence and fleeting existence.
It has a natural link to jewellery in that we often use waxes to carve and cast from.

(As a side note, please be aware that these are real wax crayons and as such can mark clothing. I would suggest wearing the brooch on the same item of clothing each time and as it wears it will leave a ghost of a mark behind…)


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