Trip The Light Fantastic.


Oxidised Silver, fine silver, 22ct gold plate, brass, alabaster, antique glass.


An Automata, to preserve the overlooked.


Turn the handle and a simple movement unfolds, the words ‘trip the light fantastic’ are revealed as the columns spin. The dome, made from an upturned scientific glass is a reliquary for lost moments, the item as a whole; a museum in miniature. An artefact to draw attention, to raise up the mundane; the beauty in weeds, a plant out of place.


As with many of my works, I seek to draw the viewer into my world, I ask them to look closely at their surroundings and see as precious what was previously unnoticed.


This is a desire. We trip the light fantastic, dance with our objects, fill our spaces with certain order, take joy from intense focus.

 © 2020 by Zoe Arnold.

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