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Oxidised Silver, lime wood, steel, enamel paint.


Please send me a message if you are interested in this piece.

The first piece for the ‘Loss’ collection, an on going project created as a response to the loss of words from the Children’s English Dictionary. These words are those used to describe the natural world around us, and have been removed from the dictionary because they are being used less by the general population. When researching these lost words, I was struck by how pertinent they were to me and my world when growing up. Words such as wren, acorn, fern, conker and starling among many others. In this collection I seek to make small memorials to these words, as a way to mark their loss, and as an expression of sadness that they are deemed unimportant. To lift them up again as jewels.


Wren, my daughters middle name. The most common bird in Britain, and now nameless to our children. Children have less and less connection to the natural world around them, and the loss of these words is a memorial to our past and a reflection on our future.

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