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A comment on distancing.
Hello brooch.

The 'Hello Brooch' is made from Crayola wax crayons. The message on the front says ‘If you can read this you are too close’.
If like me you have found it difficult to ask people to keep their distance during Covid because of a sense of  overwhelming  ‘Politeness’,  this wry comment will hopefully do it for you.
Over time the wax will wear away, erode and crack off to reveal the metal brooch concealed within, bearing the word “
Write with them, mark with them, and ultimately wear them away. I hope that at some point the wearers of these brooches will choose to crack or melt off the wax as a way to once again invite people closer and start new conversations.  


To watch a short film on 'How to disassemble your brooch' please follow this LINK.


  • As a side note, please be aware that these are real wax crayons and as such can mark clothing. I would suggest wearing the brooch on the same item of clothing each time and as it wears it will leave a ghost of a mark behind…
  • 'Hello' brooch is available as part of The Artist Support Pledge.

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